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Work Methodology

The key to successful execution and delivery of a software application development project is the work methodology adopted. Our work process is based on modern project management techniques and frameworks like Agile and Scrum. In addition to implementation of industry best practices we have ensured our work process is highly adaptive and can absorb business requirement changes of the software with ease.

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As per Agile methods, we break down various the tasks of software development life cycle into short time boxed iterations. The process involves transforming requirements into use case documents, and pack them as work functions into a backlog list. Work functions to be executed are planned to fit a schedule. Transition from one work function to another involves a formal acceptance process. Intrinsic to this entire process of Agile development that we follow is our strong emphasis on both internal and external communication which ensure high project success rate and heightened customer delight and satisfaction.

Our persistent efforts spent on training, research and knowledge enhancement ensure we have the best of technology, software development tools and project management practices to offer.


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