What shoes to wear with an evening dress

So you’re going to fix yourself up and go out in town with your best looks for the night? Evening dresses are fun to wear and make girls feel like royalty when they put on their fancy dresses. However, one of the key parts to having the appearance of a star is to make sure that you leave with the right foot. Wearing a wrong pair of shoes can hurt your appearance and ruin the whole night.

Comfort is the key

Yes, those 6-inch (15.24 cm) stiletto heels that hurt and pinch your feet are nice, but it will look like you’re limping all night. What’s the point of wearing adorable shoes if they hurt you so much that you can not even walk to show them? Although you should not sacrifice fashion for the right shoes, you should not forget comfort either. Walk with your possible shoes when you try them and even shake the tip of a pen to see if they can hold according to your needs. If they start to hurt you, take them off and look for another pair.

Flatter your feet

If the latest trends in shoes make it look like your feet are 10 feet (3 m) wide, do not use them. The shoes that you must use with evening dresses are elegant, refined and in general simply beautiful. After all, they have to be combined with your fabulous evening dress, right? In general, high heels make your legs look longer. If your evening dress reaches the floor, it may not matter that much, except to provide you with a few extra inches of height, since your dress will cover your shoes. However, if you can see your legs, this type of shoe is an advantage. It is usually easier to walk with wide heels, but they do not do much for your legs. The pointed shoes also lengthen your appearance but often seem silly if they peek out from under your dress,

Take into account the Climate

Just as you would not wear sandals in winter, you should not wear heeled shoes with straps either. Although your evening dress will keep your feet poorly protected, they will still feel the cold of winter if you wear a poor shoe. Therefore, think of shoes that do not make your fingers feel cold and are suitable for the season. For example, a dark shoe with closed fingers may be the best. When the weather is warm, boast of those fabulous feet using open shoes or bare fingers. Do not think about wearing sandals since an evening dress is not suitable for such casual shoes. It gives your feet plenty of room to breathe since they will surely swell due to the heat.

Pursue the madness factor

Shoes should be fun, so put on some flashy shoes even if they’re going to be covered by your evening dress. For example, strong pink or red shoes provide a striking look under your black evening dress, and will surely make you stand out. Bringing silver or gold heels provides glitter and a bit of glitz to a simple but beautiful evening dress. Let your imagination fly and do not be afraid to be daring when you choose your evening shoes.


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