Types of special socket wrenches

Cup wrenches typically consist of a ratchet wrench with a female slot and a set of cups to be inserted into the slot. However, this only describes one type. In fact, there are four types of socket wrenches, and not all have sets of tumblers. The manufacturers designed each of the four types for specific purposes. Using a socket wrench, regardless of the type, is very simple, since applying enough torque can loosen or tighten a screw or nut.

Key with set of glasses

As described above, a key with a set of cups consists of a ratchet and a set of cups. These come in a hexagonal or double hexagonal configuration, each depending on the standard used for a specific screw. For example, it uses a hexagonal socket for the hexagonal bolts that are normally found in automobile engines. Use a double hexagon for 12-point-shaped nuts or square-shaped bolts, commonly used in large machines and appliances. The sets of glasses come in different depths. You can also find a specific socket key, the impact glass that uses glasses, but offers more torque. The impact socket wrench has a gun design construction connected to a source of compressed air or a source of electrical power. The source of air or power allows a more mechanical and powerful rotation of the outlet resulting in phenomenal amounts of torsion. Impact socket wrenches are typically used on aircraft, specialized racing wheels, and other equipment that need quality bolts.

Pipe wrench

A pipe wrench is a specialized wrench that comes with the handles of prefabricated vases. Used primarily for plumbing purposes, where pipe nuts are more prone to damage. A basic socket wrench will have a beaker head on each end of the bar, with different measurements. A set of pipe wrenches will have different sizes of glass heads.

Wheel wrench

Wheel wrenches are usually used on standard car wheels, designed specifically to loosen or tighten the nuts. You can choose between two common wheel wrench designs: the cross wrench and the single head wrench. The cross key has two iron bars that form a cross, as the name implies. Each end of the crossbar has a cup head with different measurements. The single head wrench has one end with a cup head, and the rod bent at a 90 degree angle. You can place a metal bar near the end of the head without a glass, where you will find a hole to create greater torsional leverage.

Torque wrench

The torque wrench is a small tool with a hollow head at one end and a bar connected perpendicularly at the other end. Mainly used to tune the strings of musical instruments, including guitars, harps and pianos.



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