The ten best race choices with six-figure salaries

Most people go out to work every day to pay their debts. But some can take more money home than others. Almost all the best jobs require a higher education degree, but those who have it can thank their extra years of education for their six-figure salaries. According to the Department of Labor Statistics, these are the ten highest-paid jobs.

Chief executive

The president of the company is the one in charge of supervising all its operation. It delegates tasks, monitors profit margins and losses and tries to keep investors satisfied. This work has a payment of over US $ 150,000.

Doctors and dentists

Doctors and surgeons rank second on the list of the ten highest-paid jobs. These careers require a lot of formal education and you will often have to apply for a large amount of loans to pay for your studies. But doctors and surgeons enjoy one of the best salaries in the country, more than US $ 150,000 on average per year.

The dentists are in fourth place on the list. Just say: How good is this salary! Dentists have to complete a bachelor’s degree and may have some difficulty paying their general expenses, but their average salary is just under US $ 140,000 a year.

Fixing people’s feet can be a much more valuable job than you could imagine. Podiatrists have to obtain a higher degree, that of doctor of medicine and podiatry, so their education can be a long one. But his pay is quite high, about US $ 110,000.


Several thousand flight hours are required to become a pilot; Most people who are dedicated to pilots come from military schools. Work can be stressful, but you can see the world and everything for just a little less than the doctor earns you could take on a first class flight, about US $ 135,000.

A career as an air traffic controller requires only a bachelor’s degree, but you will also need to have nerves of steel, because it is one of the most stressful jobs that exist. If you make a single mistake, those huge planes full of innocent people could crash into each other in mid-flight. Stay alert and you could earn up to US $ 120,000 per year.

Engineering directors

If you are skilled in the fields of science and mathematics and you know how to organize people, this could be the ideal job for you. Engineering managers supervise projects in addition to being able to work in the field of their choice. This work yields about US $ 105,000 per year.

The legal scope

Lawyers specialize in all kinds of areas and earn more money than others. On average, however, a lawyer can receive something like US $ 103,000 per year. Find yourself a partner and your salary will increase.

Judges serve their communities and have extensive experience in their legal field. However, given that they are public servants, their salary is lower than that of lawyers, about US $ 102,000 per year.

Information and computer systems administrators

Managers usually hold a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree. They are paid about US $ 102,000 on average per year, enough to buy that new computer you’ve wanted so much.


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