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Alfresco consulting

Alfresco is leading open source enterprise content management system and document management system. Our strength is our Alfresco experience with enterprise level application and we provide end to end support with our Alfresco consulting services. We also help our clients to integrate Alfresco with various business platforms like mobiles, workplace ECM and other content Management systems like Liferay.

Alfresco Provides a Solution

Document Management


Process Management


Tablet and Mobile Workplace

Alfresco Consulting with Scalsys Technologies Offers

  • Solution architecture design and review
  • Adoption and migration strategies
  • Development, implementation, and deployment
  • Customization and integrations
  • Production deployment
  • Managed cloud services - develop, deploy, manage
  • On-going Alfresco support and maintenance services
  • Enables corporate knowledge transfer
  • Is uniquely tailored to improve collaboration, leverage real time information to improve customer satisfaction
  • Ensures compliance with standards and regulations
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