SEO Guide: Search for the right keywords

SEO Guide: Search for the right keywords

Performing searches correctly is a task that serves to position our blog in the first positions. When we talk about “keywords for titles”, we refer to the most important objective for those who work in SEO.

Therefore, if you need help to choose the titles well, and to search for keywords with SEO content, you should take into account the different points that we add below.

Two types of searches

When we search for keywords for SEO, we can do it in a specific or general way, something that will vary in the amount of results obtained. Remember that it is always better to place titles on your articles that incorporate the least amount of resultspossible in Google so that, when people look for that specifically, they can find them very high in Google.

Anyway, if the search is very specific, probably there are not so many people looking for that title, since we usually put a few words in the Google bar to find a result that convinces us. In this way, it will be necessary to find titles that are brief, but that have the least amount of possible results.

Remember that the search results can be long or short. When they are longer , the search is more specific and the volume of searches is usually low, although there will be little competition for you in Google. A long title will have better results, but in turn will have fewer people looking for it.

Second, we can choose short titles that will be obtained through less specific searches. These results are always placed at the head of Google because they offer great volume of traffic but at the same time they have a lot of competition. Therefore, the idea is to find the right balance in both searches .

Determine the correct keywords

Whenever you search, you should consider the relationship of the keywords with what you post on your sites. If it is a technology blog, you should look for specific things on this topic. Therefore, it is ideal to search for keywords that adapt in the best way to what we dedicate ourselves in the blog .

Little by little you should look for the right keywords for your articles and, in addition, filter out the various competitors who also chose the same keywords as you. This task should be done every time they publish an article, something that seems exhausting , but with practice they will do so almost immediately.