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Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore outsourcing is a business trend that has grown in tandem with the evolution of high speed internet. It is a result of growing globalization that allows businesses to access high quality resources across different intercontinental geographies.

Other than immense cost savings, India is the preferred destination for IT, and specifically application development needs for several reasons. This is because the talent pool in India is professionally trained and has the advantage of possessing superior language skills in English. This allows for better communication and understanding of expectations and capabilities. Further, companies that offer offshoring facilities have invested in high-tech infrastructure. As a result, you get your work on time and at higher quality levels.

Why outsource to Scalsys?

At Scalsys, offshore outsourcing is all about saving costs and tapping into professional talent. Other benefits include improving your productivity and profitability many times over.

  • Talent pool for your work: We are a driven and committed business with expertise in niche areas of business web development and support. With our wide-ranging offerings like Application Services, Collaboration Services, etc., we aim at meeting your web application development needs comprehensively and on time.

  • Ensuring security of your data: At Scalsys, your data is our responsibility. We have a multi-layer physical and electronic security system, including passwords for authentication. This is apart from the secure server we offer all our clients. Further, we have stringent data security and confidentiality woven into our policy to ensure your data remains secure with us.

  • Higher productivity, lower rates: Since our IT systems are in place, and tried and tested for efficacy, your deadlines are met with quality work. We have also invested in business infrastructure that is modern and built to deliver faster results. With our understanding in technology, we bring together talent with the best execution. The result is savings in time and costs; both of which you benefit from, as our client.

Engagement Models

Recognizing the fact that outsourcing needs of businesses can differ, we offer them the following engagement models:-

Extended Development Centre

If you choose this model, our Extended Development Centre will work like an extension of your business facility. This is good if you are looking at an extended association with us. Our staff works in the way your in-house resources would, at a fixed cost; a team is assigned to your project and trained to meet your specific needs.

You get the same flexibility and dedication as you would expect from your in-house team. All benefits of scalability, in-depth training and workload fluctuations are extended to you by us. This is a favourably-looked upon model currently.

Development Lifecycle Outsourcing

As our client, you can choose this model if you want us to take over an entire software development project, or parts of it. We bill you at a fixed rate and you can choose to let us carry out portions of the project such as Testing & QA, Development, or execute the project beginning to end.

This model is preferred by clients who would rather leave the significant amounts of planning, execution and testing to professionals. The initial investment in infrastructure can be high and hence companies are increasingly preferring to outsource development.

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