Icebreaker activities for groups of young Christians

Starting a group of young Christians with ice-breaking activities helps members and newcomers feel comfortable, and overcome anxiety and shyness. These activities also give newcomers the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Encourage everyone to play and try their best, rewarding them with small biblical prizes such as pocket bibles or biblical bookmarks for the winners.

Easy activities to break the ice

Make the players sit in a round and select one to start. He must stand up and say his name along with an interesting piece of information about himself. Then, he will select the next player. Each player must share his name and interesting trait. Keep playing until everyone has participated at least twice. For a variation, pass a bowl of sweets and have everyone take whatever they want. Once everyone has treats, each player must say an interesting fact about himself for each treat he has taken from the bowl.

Sets with paper clips

Give all players 10 paper clips and select three participants to be “that.” When the activity begins, the three players “that” should try to convince others to connect their clips with them. Players can connect all the clips with one “that” player, or split between the three. The team that ends with the longest strip of clips wins the activity. For additional fun, each player must share an interesting fact about himself before connecting the clip with another. To play another similar game, make all players feel in a circle. Follow the round and have each one reveal a piece of information about himself for each paper clip he is holding.

Bingo activities

Make bingo cards with descriptions of people in each square. For example, “wear glasses”, “have blue eyes”, “play the guitar” and “have two brothers”. Give each player a card. Have them walk to find another player that fits the description. The player must sign the card in the square or write the name of the participant. The first player to complete a row wins a prize. For another variation, simply write the name of the players in the squares, and give each one a card. Name each one, and the first player to make a line wins the game.

Ball games

Inflate a beach ball and give it to a player. Make all players feel in a round. The participant with the ball must say his name and throw the ball to another. Each player must say his name before throwing the ball. After everyone has said their name twice, the participants must say the name of the person who threw the ball, instead of theirs. For a more difficult version, have the players add a hobby. When a player throws the ball to another of the circle, he must say the name of the participant and his hobby.


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