HTTPS as an SEO factor

HTTPS as an SEO factor

Google announced days ago that, in the effort to improve the security of the entire Internet, your search engine will begin to take into account if a website has HTTPS access, transforming this into a critical factor of positioning in the search results.

HTTPS and its security certificates SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer , or “Secure Connection Layer”) are already used worldwide to protect private or sensitive data, such as identities, documents or credit card numbers. 

For those who do not yet have HTTPS access, but consider acquiring them in an outsourced manner, we tell you some key issues to keep in mind when deciding on an SSL plan.

What to keep in mind before choosing the right SSL certificate for my site?

  • SSL certificates are associated with a specific domain. For example: has its own SSL certificate. If you want or require secure access in two or more URLs (for example, use it in or in you need to contract 2 SSL, or contract a multi-domain certificate (what you’ll see mentioned as ” Wildcard “ ).
  • Try to contract certificates with a 2048-bit encryption key .
  • Use relative URLs to call the contents within the same secured domain.
  • Take advantage of the SSL checker online tool to verify that the certificate is correctly installed.


Secure sites are already indispensable on the internet, and browsers have begun to point out those websites that do not have SSL as unsafe sites . Needless to say, nobody wants to lose visits or potential customers for this, so what are they waiting to go to HTTPs?