How to fix a green pool bottom if the water looks clear

An inappropriately disinfected pool can become a seaweed breeding area. Typically, the algae begins to grow after the water has been neglected and becomes turbid. The most common type of algae are green, which can be formed quickly even in clean pools with clear water. The green algae stick to the walls, corners and bottom of the pool. If you take care of the problem soon enough, the algae can be brushed and removed before they multiply and affect the clarity of the water.


1-Turn on the flter and assemble the pool vacuum. Remove the filter basket. Connect one end of the pool hose to the vacuum and attach the vacuum to the telescopic pole.

2-Drop the vacuum cleaner in the water and fill the other end of the hose with water holding it in the return jet of the filter. Once the hose is filled with water, place its end in the round opening for the hose in the purifier of the pool.

3-Aspirate the pool carefully, simultaneously collecting debris and scrubbing the algae. Unplug the pool vacuum when you’re done.

4-Brush the bottom of the pool with a nylon pool brush, which you can buy from a pool supply vendor. The high ones should come off easily, but they may require intense scrubbing.

5-Apply a shock treatment in the pool and run the filter for 24 hours to kill any algae left in the water. This prevents the algae from adhering to the internal surfaces of the pool. The dose of the shock will vary, depending on the capacity of the pool.

You will need to

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Pool hose
  • Telescopic rod
  • Pool brush
  • Shock treatment for swimming pool



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