How to correct the wear on the outer side of the heels of your shoes

Walking properly produces uniform wear on the soles of your shoes. Some people tend to walk on the outer sections of their shoes when they are tired; others do it simply because they have an abnormal alignment in their feet. Walking incorrectly causes uneven wear on the heels of your shoes, and this problem is exacerbated when you wear your shoes again. With uneven soles, it is difficult to walk correctly, even if you try to concentrate on the proper foot alignment. There are several simple solutions to correctly align your feet, although they have equally varied costs.


Buy inserts for shoes that help to correctly align your feet. These flexible inserts can be obtained in pharmacies and discount stores, and have a relatively low cost.

Visit a podiatrist to diagnose your foot alignment problems. The doctor could prescribe custom made insoles to correct your walking.

Use quality shoes, that are resistant and of good manufacture, to prevent the uneven wear of the soles.

Buy new shoes once the heels begin to show signs of uneven wear. The new soles will help to align your feet correctly.


  • Tailor-made templates realign your feet and arches if they are not in balance, so they can be uncomfortable at first. Use the templates according to the instructions of your podiatrist; They should start to feel comfortable with time.

You will need to

  • Inserts for footwear
  • Tailored feet templates
  • New shoes resistant and of good preparation

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