Google Analytics vs AWStats, comparative and differences

Google Analytics vs AWStats, comparative and differences

Analyzing the traffic of a site can help us focus on the most important parts of our business, and it is tremendously useful to know more about our audience.

The problem appears when the tools report different information, something typical when we compare different measurement systems, such as Google Analytics and AWStats , the free tools most used by the Admins.

How does Analytis and AWStats work?

Although both programs are used for the same purpose, ie the measurement of web traffic, each uses a different method of reporting.

AWStats is a program installed on each of our servers. This software analyzes the logs and logs of each server, including any search bot, as well as the users whose browsers have javascript disabled, which Google Analytics does not do.

AWStats measures visits to the server taking into account only the IP address of the visit . This means that it does not interpret that the same person is the one who visits the page if it has a dynamic IP that changes every so often. In contrast, Google Analytics uses cookies to track each of our visits regardless of their IP.

In summary, it is not possible to indicate that AWStats is more accurate than Analytics, or vice versa. We believe that the most accurate value comes from an intermediate between both, since AWStats is usually above and Google Analytics is below. Our advice is to cross the data and, if possible, achieve more finished conclusions considering the records of both.