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Extended Development Centre

At Scalsys, the Extended Development Centre model is all about you, our client. We have modern infrastructure and software systems in place to carry out all your project needs. Further, all of it is backed by our commitment to quality.

We work as your extended scalable team fulfilling the operational work related to application development while you can focus on project management, strategy and growth.

Why should you think of this model at all?

If you choose the the Extended Development Centre, we:

  • Complement your existing resources, including staff and team; we do not replace it
  • Our expertise bolsters your capabilities in IT and other technical areas
  • You save up immensely; utilize our current and high-tech infrastructure to execute your projects
  • If you have any capabilities that have loopholes in them or gaps, you can use our resources to fill them efficiently
  • Utilize our specialized, niche offerings instead of incurring expenses on procuring it yourself
  • Ensure rapid and speedy deliveries for your requirements
  • Ensure you only work with solutions that are tested rigorously before they hit the market

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