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Liferay Alfresco Workflow Synchronization
Liferay, Alfresco, CMIS, Activity Workflow, Liferay sync, CAS, Jersey, P6SPY
Challenges with Business Requirements
  • Scalsys DeliveredClient wants to use Alfresco and Liferay as Document management system with activity workflow. 
  • CMIS, is only way to integrate Liferay and Alfresco but CMIS current standard does not support any workflow. 
  • Need to integrate OpenSSO, OpenSSO is not working when CMIS enable. 
  •  Need of SOA based architecture which can seamlessly integrate as needed with any third party. 
Scalsys Delivered
  • Chosen Liferay and Alfresco as best Content Management and Decument Management system respectively. 
  • Customized the portal according to evolving requirements over a long period of time.
  • Customize Liferay and Alfresco integration architecture with service hooks. 
  • Integrate Open SSO with Alfresco and Liferay. 
  • Resolved Liferay issue with database transactions across multiple table updates.
Tools and Technologies Used
  • Liferay 6.2 CE Tomcat
  • Alfresco 4.2 
  • MySQL 5.5
  • CAS 
  • Jersey Framework – For REST implementation in Liferay
  • PSI Probe
  • P6Spy – Query monitoring
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