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Why Should Go With Open Source?

Recently one of our respected customer was asking wheather to go with Opensource or properitory? The discussion is going on for long and finally after rectifying pros and cons for both Opensource and Properitory softwares we decide to go with Open source.

Here I want to share something about why we should go with Open source.

  • First thing every organization thinks of Investments, so Open Source is the best development strategies which have best ROIs.
  • A recent study by Forrester Research says that nowadays open source is qualitative and provides more than the expected.
  • The Major thing about open source is that you do not have to pay for the software or application.
  • Open source mean Just download it, customize it and use it.

Here are some Major benefits of Open source

  • Cost effective
  • Higher ROIs
  • Bigger Community of Experts
  • Easily/Openly available related materials like case studies, white papers etc.
  • Quick solution because community is bigger and expert’s contributes regularly to support perticular Opensource product
  • Easily / Openly Customizable
  • If the development is at very low cost then definately end user will have benifits of that.
  • For an Example, Netflix monthly plan started with just 1 USD/Month. Because they used open source technologies to build.
  • There many web applications / CMS available as open source like Liferay, Drupal, Magento, Scala, Alfresco, eXo and many more. These open source framework provides User management, Document management, Forums, Blogs, Support to the third party integrations, Payment integration and a lot functionality they provide. so why one can go for properitory solutions.

So, after a long discussion on various area as software development and software life we have decided to go with Open source.


Pranay Patadiya
Co-Founder & Director
ScalSys Technologies
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