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How to Choose The Best Liferay Outsourcing Partner?


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Liferay is an Open Source portal which is written in Java. It is very famous due to its lowest Total Cost of Ownership, Second-to-none rich out-of-the-box (OOTB) functionality around core portal. It also provides the choice of application servers, databases, and operating systems to run on.

Liferay portal is very trending as a collaborative platform due to

Easy Managing features

Simple functionality

Have advantages of being an open source

Dynamic Virtual Hosting and Vanity URL

Multi-Language Support

Easy Integration

Mounting Multiple Content Repositories

Customizeable Pages and many more.

So, What Will You Need to Know to Find The Best Liferay Outsourcing Partner?

Liferay Portal is written in Java. So you need to check the Java skills of the organization first.

As experience on Java and J2EE, if you don’t know anything about Java then find someone who knows. Then find the works that organization did on liferay and also have a look what clients are saying about the works.

Check experience in Liferay portal development.

Check works that the Organization did and compare it with your needs.

Speak directly and know how they gonna do the work for you.

Compare the prices and packages with other Companies. Good works need good prices. You don’t need to be an expert on Liferay to find the best liferay developers, but you need to do some research on the market.


Don’t go only by the developers , go with the whole organization. Check the works and portfolios, compare the prices. I am sure if you follow these you will find the best liferay developers.

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