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Liferay Or Drupal – Choosing The Right Solution For Your Requirement

Liferay or Drupal


Basically this blog will help to top level IT executives, CTO or CIO of the organizations, willing to acquire a good CMS solution (Drupal Vs Liferay) to their organizations. The goal of this blog is to simplify their understanding between Drupal and Liferay, and making it clear which one to choose for their requirements.


Liferay and Drupal:

Liferay is an open source enterprise portal, for publishing, content, and collaboration.

Drupal is one of the popular open source content management system, used widely in many of the online websites and portals. A powerful community of Drupal makes it very popular amongst the other open source platforms.

Programming Languages Supported:

     Liferay is a Java based Portal, but it supports multiple programming languages including PHP and ROR (Ruby on Rail).

While Drupal is based on PHP language and doesn’t support other programming languages as part of the CMS.


Server Hosting Requirements:

Since Liferay Portal is based on Java programming Language, it requires lots of processing power, hence server requirements will he should be higher than Drupal.

Basic Hardware Requirements (Liferay)

There Liferay technical specification are below:

Operating System : Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac all are operating system of Liferay .

Application server : JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere, are most used server in Liferay.

Databases : people are most use databases are MySQL, IBM DB2, SQL Server .

Servlet Containers : Servlet Container wise jetty, Resin, Tomcat are 3 most use in Liferay .


Basic Hardware Requirements (Drupal)

A System requirement in the Druapl is below

First fall Drupal data space requirement is 15 Megabytes . 60 MB needed website for installation module and themes

Operating System : Operating system wise both the same like Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac all the operating systems are used in Drupal also

Application server: Apache, Nginx or Microsoft IIS are all application servers used in Drupal

Databases : Both programming languages are same in other point like database wise MYSQl used in both languages and other database used in Drupal is PostgreSQL,

And Drupal 8 are some advance supported database is married, Percona, Equivalent


Business Size and Budget Constraints:

Liferay is best suitable for medium to large business, while Drupal is most suitable for small to medium business.

Also in terms installation and deployment Drupal would be an easy task compared to Liferay. Considering budget constraints Drupal will be the right choice to acquire than Liferay.


Application Server Requirements:

Drupal requires Apache as Web Server and Drupal Node while Liferay requires Java based web and application servers like tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic etc.

So based on the current IT infrastructure of an organization, this difference will make an influence on acquiring the right solution.

License Terms and Support

Drupal has GPL license requirements and Liferay have LPGL license. Liferay also comes with Enterprise Edition License (High cost) which includes product level support. While in Drupal there is no enterprise support, and support is available only through community people. Both have good online communities.

Out of the Box Support for Third Party Application:

Liferay has out of the box features like multiple LDAP and different Single Sign on (SSO) which seamlessly integrates with existing web application and authentication system. Drupal supports some of them, but requires modules to be installed and configured before leveraging them, which includes little technical efforts.

Object-relational mapping :

Liferay most features are best and one of the feature is object relation mapping (ORM) is fully supported, but the situation in Drupal is doesn’t support real ORM so you don’t write a full SQL statement directly just find query

Both have:

Many functions are same in both programming languages like

Multi user system

Plug in, Unicode

Multiple project

Friendly URLs

URL rewriting

Load balancing

Standard compliance

User Satisfaction

External pages

Revision control

Horizontally scalable

And both have separate service layers   

So now Choice is yours what to use as per your requirements, If you like this blog so please share with us. This is the best Liferay Portal Development Companies.

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