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How to Choose The Best Content Management System?

How to Choose The Best Content Management System?

If you are running a website or want to build a new website, the question that comes 1st or on 2nd is “How i gonna  Manage my contents” and then the next thing will come in your mind is “What is the best Content Management System?”

So, how you gonna choose a Best Content Management System?

Well, you need to focus on your needs, like

  • What type of website you have?
  • What type of content you have?
  • What you want to do with that content?
  • Will it allow for growth as your needs grow?

I am listing some features that almost every good CMS must have

1) Main Functionality

A Content management System must have the options for creating, editing, customizing and deleting the contents.

For example WordPress have the option for creating and editing the content and we can also customize the content by adding links and images to it.

Wordoress CMS

2) Managing Features

Managing of files and images is a kind of a big deal in CMS. Also It must allow to upload pdf files

3) Search

There must be a search feature in the CMS to search a particular content. It’s very helpful if you have several contents and links.

For example, there is a search option in WordPress which can help to search for a particular blog and content

4) Permissions and Roles

You don’t want anyone to upload a bad post or some bad content.

Every CMS must have the permission options, Administrator can control who can edit and post . Admin can also control what to post.

5) Easy Upgrade From Previous Version

CMS must have an upgrade option to upgrade it from a previous version so that you can utilize the advantages of  the latest version


To choose a best CMS, you first need to know what type of website you are using and put yourself in a place of the user, test it wisely.You can take the help of the experts in  CMS Portal Development.

What CMS You Are Using?

Tell me what CMS you are using and how Did it benefit your Business?

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