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Restful APIs in Yii 2.0

RESTful APIs are all about accessing and manipulating resources.This Blog will give you insight how to setup API in Yii2(Advanced Application).

I will use Yii2 advanced template.

Let’s Get Started..

Create Api directory in your yii2 application.
you will have api folder at same level with backend and frontend.

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Build a RESTful APIs Using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB

What is RESTful API? – REST stands for Representational State Transfer.REST Web Services consist of using plain HTTP to make method calls and you get XML or JSON in response.Create webservice using REST is very easy and take less time to make as compare to other. REST support all most commonly used HTTP methods (GET,

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Build REST Web Service with PHP, JSON and MySql

Web services is one of the most important part of today development where we centralized or data and allow user to access that data from different sources like mobile app,web etc. Now days webservice are required with mobile development.There are no of method through which you can create you web service. 1. REST (Representational State

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