Antispam Bee as an alternative to Akismet

Antispam Bee as an alternative to Akismet

Akismet is the antispam plugin that is included by default in the installation of WordPress.

WordPress recommends it, despite certain details or requirements that are worth mentioning:

  • Requires connection to the external API to work , and if it is blocked or the remote site stops working, the plugin will stop filtering the spam as well.
  • In addition to the connection to the API, you need a private key generated manually . This requirement is the main reason why the plugin is installed but it does not work in many places.
  • Theoretically, Akismet is not free for commercial websites and blogs : your free license is for personal use only, and does not offer any kind of support or assistance.
  • Their configuration options are quite limited in terms of what to consider spam / ham, and while they are sufficient for the vast majority, in many cases they fall short, or end up performing more operations than necessary to always validate the data via a remote service .

Obviously, we must also mention its advantages:

  • The main one is that its developers, Automattic, are the same creators of WordPress , for which the same will always be compatible with new versions. On the other hand, it goes through several tests before each update.
  • Akismet protects both spam bots and manual spam, consulting databases of IPs with low reputation, and blocking users whose invasive methods have already been proven.

Advantages of Antispam Bee

Akismet is no longer the only antispam plugin available for WordPress: the new boy in the neighborhood is called Antispam Bee.

Among its advantages are:

  • It is free, and does not require any payment plan to maintain an effective filter on our site.
  • Antispam Bee allows you to check the IP and mail of visitors who leave a comment or send us a contact form in contrast to a local database and, optionally, a more complete remote database maintained by Tornevall Networks .
  • The plugin can also take into account the time the user is inside our form page, measuring patterns of inserted characters, language, geographical location (among other data), to decide if an email should be filtered or not.
  • In addition to having multiple configuration options, it is possible to choose what to do with the detected SPAM. Among the main options are delete it, mark it as spam in the system, or send an email to confirm, among others.
  • Like Akismet, in addition to filtering comments is compatible with the most popular WordPress forms plugins that are Gravity Forms and Contact Form 7.


It is up to you which one of the plugins to use; however, Antispam Bee is a strong competitor even without coming pre-installed in WordPress. Many users are changing their antispam service for this one, so we recommend you try it.