Advantages of cPanel

Advantages of cPanel

Knowing in advance the tool with which a hosting service will be administered is not a minor fact. Most of the time, we find her once we have contracted the service, which may imply “too late”.

Choosing a hosting service without considering the administration tool can mean losing productivity (whether loss of time in learning, in use, configurations or support capacity). There is no saving worth if we do not have a modern and efficient server administrator.

cPanel  is a hosting service management tool that, through a visual interface, allows the user to configure all the resources provided by the service to his liking .

cPanel is one of the undisputed world market leaders in this segment, and is considered by many to be the best system of all.

Particularly, its friendly interface stands out, allowing an intuitive and agile administration. Thus, the administration of the various tasks and configurations becomes simple, such as creating email accounts, filters, subdomains, installing applications and much, much more. Also, it is even easy to access the configuration of more advanced aspects with the same ease.

The tool has more than ten years of development , which gives it great stability after having accumulated experience all those years. With each new version, in addition, the polishing and improvement of all functionalities shine, and new and powerful are added.

Few tools allow such a simple administration of all the functionalities most used by admins. Among its many advantages include:

  • The management of the website, both online and through the configuration of FTP accounts.
  • The management of the electronic mail by means of the assistance for its configuration in different mail servers.
  • The making of backups of all our information on the server.

Additionally, other more complex functionalities can be managed (as long as the company that we have hired for hosting does not allow them), given that cPanel provides a green light to the configuration of different access levels of different functionalities. From the official site, you can access the  full list of features ( features )  that provides the tool.

Finally, to learn more about this tool, cPanel provides a series of  very illustrative video tutorials about the use of the tool,  and at our  customer table you will  find many easy guides that should not be lost.