40 sets of free and quality icons

40 sets of free and quality icons

Either to adjust the aesthetics of your sites or for the development of current web projects, thanks to the guys from  Smashing Magazine, we present you with 40 sets of free icons, and also (which is harder to find) quality .

Free icon sets

Cake icons available in various sizes (16 × 16px – 512 × 512px), these ArtDesigner cupcake icons are a sweet addition to your favorite sets. They can be used both with and without commercial purposes.

Cherry of paradise  (free for personal use)

This refreshing set of cherry icons comes in different sizes. To those who are from Buenos Aires, do you remember a bowling alley? 🙂

Pentax K-7 Icon An icon in high definition of the Pentax K-7 camera. Ideal to identify the folder where you keep your photos, especially if you are a fan of the Pentax. Sizes: 512 × 512/16 × 16. Available in iContainer, Mac (.icns) and Windows (.png). Freeware: Available for commercial and private projects.

Starflash Brownie Icons based on the Kodak camera. Available in 512x512px .png, .icns and .ico. Free for private and public use.

Fjernsyn : For when you want to update the icon of your favorite video player, or useful in case you are looking for a TV icon for your site, Fjernsyn is a delicate set designed by a talented young man named Rasmus Nielsen.

USB connector is an icon that represents a USB connector, easily adaptable to multiple contexts.

Leica M7 A set with 6 icons of the famous Leica in a resolution of 512 × 512px. Available in .PNG, .ICNS and .iContainer.

Apple icons  (free for personal use only).

Some of these icons use a version of the Apple logo but with a more natural (and artistic) style. The file contains 8 apple variation icons, all in the rsrc format.

Iconlicious  (free for personal use).

A delicate and tender cardboard milk icon that can be used to replace some less inspiring icon.

Latte: 48px Icon Set A set of icons for developers. The “Latte” pack contains 25 different icons in 48 × 48px.

Notes and Evernote  (for private use only).

A pack of icons of the Notes and Evernote app at 512 × 512px.

IsoIcons Workspace 10 new isometric icons at 128px × 128px. Does it remind you of any work environment?

Watch Works Mugs Beautiful and calm icons inspired by Mira Works. Available in 64 × 64px, 128 × 128px and 256 × 256px.

Mira Works Boats in bottle Another set of icons from Mira Works, this time with boats in bottles. Available in 3 sizes between 64 × 64 px and 256 × 256 px.

iCandies Icon Set : 60 free icons

This set was designed by the talented people of IconDen with the sole purpose of giving your projects a geeky touch , using attractive icons with a rectangular shape.

Designer Icon Set 12 icons created by hand by professionals, for designers and creatives. Each icon has a size of 32 × 32 px with a transparent background. Free for personal or commercial projects.

Set of Colorful Vinyl set of icons made of vinyl elements. 16 icons in total, available for Mac and Windows.

This is ART 2 A collection of icons with maximum dimensions of 512 × 512px. Launched under the Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

The Graphs 2 – One graph collection to rule them all The second release of “The Graphs”, made exclusively for Smashing Magazine. With 169 vector icons, it is the largest and most flexible collection of graphics. Free for personal or commercial use, available in .AI and .SVG.

High resolution browser logos These browser logos are useful for a presentation of a project as well as for your blog. Available in resolutions up to 256x256px and in .PNG format, each with its shadow treatment and no background color. Presented by Paul Irish.

Icons of smartphones This pack contains 14 icons of different smartphones, from one of the Blackberry Storm to the Droid of Motorola.

Set of credit, debit and payment cards  (18 icons)

These icons are specially prepared to be used in electronic commerce sites, useful to indicate the types of payments we accept.

Business Pack: 256 × 256 Icons This package includes 26 business-oriented icons, including, among others, user icons, alerts, chat, email, maps and much more.

Upojenie This collection has 40 icons for iPhone or iPod Touch.

One Two Eight Five different desktop icons. I just chose the one you want to download and that’s it.

Construction The free set includes a total of more than 23,000 icons oriented to projects related to construction.

Iconfactory by David Lanham This collection of icons includes 42 42 × 42 icons with various designs.

Iconfactory freeware by Dave Brasgalla The free collection includes 4 icons inspired by the original Start Trek show on TV.

Stuffed toy set This set was inspired by stuffed animals, including 6 different cute icons in different resolutions.

Set of Icons for Ecommerce 10 icons in high quality for your online store. The set includes products in offers, new products, purchase processes, secure payments and much more (in English).

MobileMe icons by Prathyush Six MobileMe icons with the source file in PSD. Consult the artist before using them.

Flip Clock by Maxdicapua This is an icon of a numbered flap mechanical clock, fully scalable.

Boolean A set of mini icons for personal or commercial use, under the Creative Commons license.

32px Mantra v2 36 free icons in PNG and in a resolution of 32x32px.

Icons of the solar system Thirteen detailed icons based on the solar system, including the sun, the moon and all the planets.

Littlear icons pack A set of cartoon icons, suitable for different types of applications, folders or files.


A detailed icon for a compass iPhone. It comes in different sizes, from 57x57px to 512x512px.

20 marker-style icons This icon set was originally inspired by the iPhone Notes application and designed for a WordPress template (Notepad).

Social Media Icons An updated set of vectorized icons from Google Buzz, Bing, Picasa, Feedburner, Drupal, ICQ, PayPal and much more.