20 tips for your Google+ page

20 tips for your Google+ page

Although Facebook and Twitter are today the most used social networks, Google+ is very close with more than 300 million active users. This means that, if we have an online business, it is important to dedicate time to our page taking advantage of this social network.

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If you already have your institutional website, here are some tips for you to take into account.

1. Choose a smart name for your business

If you are starting with your venture, or else you are planning a brand change, now is the time to think about your business name. You will stand out in the search results and, remember, it will be something that you will not be able to change later.

2. Consider adding a description to your business name

This will help attract the right users, and confirm that your offer matches what your potential customers are looking for.

3. Create a good cover photo

Pay attention to the word “create”; Do not just buy a photo (or find your own) and forget about it. But, attention, if you use a stock photo or purchased, however beautiful it may be, add your brand or logo to it. Also consider inserting other photos as a collage, so that your products or services are understood instantly.

4. Work on your description

You can include a couple of links to subpages on your site, which will bring you visits. 
Try not to exaggerate or make a long description. We also do not recommend saturating your description with keywords. The concept of creating quality content and in a natural way also applies to social networks.


5. I included a bilingual description

This can be useful if someone in your company is multilingual. Or maybe there’s something you really want to tell potential customers in a language other than Spanish.

6. I added a unique special offer to your description

Create a page on your site specifically for this offer, and place a coupon (or whatever your offer includes) on that same page. 
The benefit of this action is that it will be possible to enter your Google Analytics account and learn more about how your visitors behave on your page. It’s a great way to track at least some of the referrals you receive from your Google+ page.

7. Consider adding your address (and phone number) to your description

In this way you will be more connected with your users and potential customers.

8. Get a photo through Google Business View

You do not need to have an architecture worthy of the creations of the great Calatrava; Simple people want to see what your business is like before they take the “hassle” of presenting you there personally.

9. I got at least 5 reviews or testimonials from your clients

This way you will get those important gold stars next to your ad in the search results.

10. I got enough Google reviews to get people talking about you

How many comments are sufficient? No more than a few, but you’ll get people to be encouraged to share comments the more of these you have.

11. Encourage clients who leave comments to upload their profile picture


If you do not have a profile picture, we suggest you publish one, as it adds a necessary human touch.

12. Insert your Google+ comments on your website

For practical purposes, it’s not a way to optimize your Google page, but it’s a good practice to take better advantage of Google+ comments on your own site. 
By the way, try to “integrate” opinions, and not merely copy and paste. That would be against the Google guidelines.

13. I answered all the comments, the good ones, the bad ones and the neutrals

Whether to thank the good comments, or the time invested in carrying out a criticism, it is always considered honest and applied to confirm to our users that we listen and read the words of our clients. On the contrary, silence generates repudiation and bad criticism.

14. Post some comments in the Posts section


To achieve this, find the comments in the “About” section and click on the “Share this review” date.

15. I added some clients and others who know your circles

When you add companies, friends, acquaintances, and even customers to your account, it is likely that many of them will add you in turn.

16. Perform at least a couple of short post every week

Also, I included photos in the posts as often as you can. This makes your content look more attractive, and your space stands out above others.

17. Encourage customers (and other readers) to leave comments on your Google+ posts

The best way to do this is to simply ask a question in each of your posts. For example, “do you agree?”, “What do you think about such a thing?” Or a simple “we await your comments.”

18. I uploaded a profile picture

Ideally, it should be a photograph of a person, or a small group of people in your company.

19. I uploaded all the photos related to your company

Try to tell a story with your photos, use them as a tour of your business. It will be useful to take advantage of them to show the problem that you can help solve, in addition to its solution.

Photos of the office? Of the visit of some clients, or of a product that they commercialize? Everything is valid, including the decoration, or the photo of a group pet, if any.

20. Upload videos

If you do not have videos and do not have the desire or resources to make them easily, remove the “Videos” tab of your page. Focus your attention on your other lashes, where you are strongest.